Holly Hoffman, CSP

CBS’ Survivor finalist, Holly Hoffman, is a member of the National Speaker Association and a recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional designation and author of two books, Your Winner Within, and Write Yourself a Note. She acknowledges that life is made up of challenges, and that we are often times faced with situations that seem insurmountable. But within each of us is the ability to focus our thoughts, emotions, and create the energy to succeed.

Holly offers encouragement and optimism as well as a roadmap for self-discovery. Her methods are intuitive, honest, and adaptable to nearly any situation. Holly inspires attendees to take opportunities and will motivate you to reclaim control of your life and live each day with self-confidence, determination, and a desire to succeed.

Kat Perkins

NBC’s The VOICE Season 6 semi-finalist, Kat Perkins is a performer and national speaker. After overcoming many challenges, she has learned to live a fearless life. Fearless in the pursuit of her dreams, fearless in doing and standing up for what’s right, and fearless in her efforts to make a positive impact on the world. In 2017 Kat created the Rising Star Foundation which guides aspiring young musicians by providing an environment in which they will learn techniques to strive, express themselves, and grow as artists.

During her programs Kat shares her struggles, triumphs, and how she perseveres as she pursues her dreams. Attendees will learn steps to start living their own authentic life – fearlessly!

Amy Roloff

Most well-known for her role in her hit TLC TV show ‘Little People, BIG World’, Amy Roloff is also a successful business owner, national speaker, and has authored several books. The challenges of having achondroplasia dwarfism taught her to turn “Can’t” into “Why Not?!”. She believes her success comes from her faith and firm conviction that each person matters, has value, and has purpose.

Amy will open attendee’s eyes to new possibilities. Sometimes remarkable opportunities just fall into your lap and other times you need determination and wherewithal to pursue them. Amy shares what works (and what doesn’t) to get the life you want.

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